Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Stuff

I can't recall where I first came across this adorable site but I came across it in my random stuff folder again this weekend. Molly Mutt makes doggie duvets, covers for your already existing dog beds or piles of old towels, blankets and sheets.

I really like the Perfect Afternoon duvet seen here, almost looks a little like Schumacher's Chenonceau.  

And speaking of Schumacher, they've partnered with Dempsey and Carroll for a line of fabric inspired stationary. You can find the Chenonceau, and the ubiquitous Imperial Trellis and Chiang Mai Dragon.


And finally, I was perusing the Trina Turk site (now that's it's beginning to get a little warm, summer is on my mind!) and saw this pillow in here Residential collection.

I thought, I think I've seen that pillow before....

Inglenook Decor has a similar pillow in green and white for half as much.

Happy Monday!

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