Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Laundry List

To kick off our fall posts....a piece from Lifestyle Contributor, Lizzy:
Spring cleaning is usually spoken about with reverence and excitement and tackled with sunny determination.  At the end of the long, spring cleaning road, one is assured by a glass of crisp, white wine with the sun on their shoulders, knowing that they have sparkling and fresh smelling house to go home to. Fall cleaning, on the other hand, is met with disdain; it marks the end of summer and while fall is a fabulous time for colorful scarves, lightweight jackets and new boots, the preparation for winter can be a brutal and miserable experience. It harkens back to an earlier time when families would have to can and preserve enough perishables and salt and cure enough meats to get through the frontier winter. Fall cleaning isn’t fun, it is daunting and exhausting, and at the end of a long, cold winter, you still have spring cleaning to gear up for.  

Several people think I am crazy - fall cleaning? and all this winter preparation? It is early September and there is so much time! My response? EXACTLY! These Wednesday installments of Laundry List are designed to guide you quickly through your fall cleaning projects and to provide guidance for creating a clean and orderly foundation for turning your home back into a cozy, winter retreat. 
Check out the first installment of Laundry List - Caring for your Cashmere. Washing your wool and cashmere sweaters is the best way to begin to tackle fall cleaning; you should always do this yourself, as dry cleaning chemicals are very harsh on these items. The next installment of ‘Laundry List’ will be a lesson in closet organizing strategy. 

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