Sunday, October 11, 2009

“Mad” for the Draper’s New Living Room

I am a few weeks behind on “Mad Men” (the sensational series on AMC that follows the skirt-chasing, cocktail-filled world of 1960’s Manhattan advertising agents).  I was nearly knocked off my couch while watching Episode 7 when Betty Draper makes-over her living room.  It’s 1963 “modern,” but I love it for 2009.  The deep blue walls and white molding were so sophisticated (Domino featured a similar look in its February 2009 issue).  The Asian influence was obvious.  In addition to the chinoiserie there were Murano glass vases, silk dupioni curtains, a Drexel end table and those two fabulous chairs!  I didn’t like Betty’s late addition of the fainting couch right in front of the fireplace, but I loved her in it.  “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner has often credited another Draper (Dorothy) as a style inspiration for the show.  One look at the Draper family’s stylish new room and you see why he named his lead characters after the innovative interior design maven of that era.

Contributed by Emily.

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