Friday, October 30, 2009

No Need for Bare Walls

I've been helping a few friends recently put the finishing touches on their apartments, condos, houses, etc. and one question I keep getting is where to find afforable decor for the walls? Here are a few of my favorite resources:

Vintage Printable
This site (or blog rather) has hundreds of vintage prints available for download - for free! Everything from birds (like the above) to political figures, war scenes, maps, portraits, botanicals, you name it. Of course a trained eye will know this is nothing close to the real thing, but it's a great, cheap fix some bare walls. Print out on your regular printers on 8.5x11 paper and hang in Ikea Ribba frames.

I'm sure you all know and hopefully love Etsy, the online marketplace for artists and artisans of all shapes and sizes. I've bought the now ubiquitous Keep Calm Carry On poster, a few small oil paintings, an Elvis Costello print and lots of odds and ends for elsewhere in the house. Some of the sellers I've added to my favorites:
Made by Girl She, Jennifer Ramos, also has an awesome blog of the same name (her print, left)
Studio 155 Some nice landscapes
Plum Cushion Ok not for your walls, but I love her pillows!
Bold and Noble 

UGallery connects art students with buyers. You can search by price, medium, artist or genre. You have to dig because there are a lot of offerings but there are some extremely talented artists here. Painting above by Saul Pitsky of Santa Monica College.

And of course there are flea markets and yard sales and auctions and local art shows that are just full of hidden treasures. If you're in the Philadelphia area and want any suggestions, leave me a comment!

Happy Friday!

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