Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Food + Etsy =

You guessed it - Foodzie! Foodzie is literally just like Etsy - an online platform for food artists to sell their goods. Foodzie was a featured vendor at the Foodbuzz Conference in San Fran this past weekend (a conference for Food bloggers/three day food fest!)

Choose the type of food you're looking for (chocolate, cheese, meat, breads, etc.), use the discover option to learn about new producers, or find vendors local to your area on a map. A Philadelphia confectioner, John and Kira's, is featured for my zip code. As far as I can see there are stories about all of the sellers so you can find out a little bit about where your food is coming from.

And some great gift ideas for the foodies in your life! Who's Your Daddy Bacon Potato Chips would be a huge hit with a few people I know....

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  1. Love it! I am always looking for unique gift and party ideas!