Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekend Revival

Happy Friday! Postings have been sparse recently because I've been busy. And I'm exhausted. This weekend I'd like to recuperate here. Specifically in this bed, with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate. Or maybe on that rug. How comfy! This house has been making the blog rounds so you may have already seen it....if not, check it out stat. One of the most beautiful renovations I've ever seen. I'm not typically a Spanish Revival kind of gal, I think because it's been SO overdone with new construction (especially after living in California) but this is, in my opinion, the real-deal.  I'm loving the neutral palate, warm woods, so much light and glass and texture and natural elements. The care for original detail, like those Moorish arches and imperfect plaster walls, that's so hard to find these days. Even their silverware drawer is beautiful. The owners of the home have a blog called 11 Bonita Drive so we can be sure to get lots more eye candy. Enjoy these pics and have a great weekend!

Images from Urban Grace Interiors, Two Ellie and 11 Bonita Drive.  

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