Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm not around this weekend but if I were I'd be at The Flaming Lips show on Saturday night. Which reminded me of an article I read in NYTimes (I'm realizing that I mention them a lot!) a year or so ago, "At Home with Wayne Coyne." He, of course, lives in a super wacky home in Oklahoma City.

"Seen from the street, it resembles a do-it-yourself version of a Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie House; inside it feels mazelike and eccentric, qualities the couple have tried to enhance with color. Ms. Martin-Coyne painted an upstairs bedroom “breathless blue,” she said, after a sky blue shade of nail polish, and her art studio across the hallway has a pink rubber floor."


And for all those not familiar with The Flaming Lips they're a psychedelic rock band known for their outrageous live shows complete with life-sized stuffed animals. Check them out Saturday night, the 29th, at Festival Pier.

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  1. That kitchen is going to haunt me for years (in a good way)!