Monday, August 24, 2009

Paperless Post

Who's heard of Paperless Post?!? I've been dreaming of such a service for so long now. I figured it must be a brand new thing since I'm just hearing about it but alas, I did some Googling and there's an article in the Harvard Crimson (Paperless Post was started by brother/sister Harvard alums) dating back to December '08. And numerous mentions in magazines and blogs. And even a Facebook page. Where the hell have I been?

I love paper...I love stationary, invitations, wrapping paper...miniature doses of color and pattern, beautiful fonts, interesting designs and styles and presentations. And I love parties....the planning and hosting, prepping, cooking, and decorating. I've long been a fan of Evite but sometimes it just doesn't cut it. I'm so excited to use Paperless Post, I'm going to have to plan a party!

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